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We speak to our users regularly and are often fortunate enough that they say nice things about our product or our way of working. Other times users talk about us in public, such as on social media or on review platforms and forums.

Not all of the feedback we receive can be used publicly. We don't assume that comments from product feedback calls can be used without explicit approval, for example, though approved customer stories, public reviews and social media comments certainly can.

If feedback can be used publicly then we collect it here, so that we can use it elsewhere to enhance our website or docs.

privacy, complianceBen White
Head of Engineering, Temedica
“PostHog is what I always wanted a Product Analytics SaaS to be. Private cloud option so GDPR becomes way more manageable, features built based on direct community feedback, focus on simplicity and usefulness over vanity features...Great job people!”
data integrityJonathan Hyde
Former Head of Product, Legl
“Posthog is the first analytics platform where I can be 100% confident in the data. I've finally got the data insight platform I've always wanted as a Product person.”
self-hostTim Lucas
Founder & CEO, BuildKite
“My favourite piece of software, and support experience this week, goes to PostHog. If you’re after an awesome self-hosted analytics tool, check it out!”
insightsAnca Filip
Head of Product, MentionMe
"PostHog has helped us improve our product and helped us get a much better understanding of our users than we've ever been able to before."
competition, pricingJoe Saunderson
Software Engineer, MentionMe
“We looked at Amplitude, Mixpanel and Pendo and not only were they far too expensive but it was also very unclear how they worked in terms of data privacy.”
open source, self-hostLleo Harress
Software Engineer, MentionMe
“The fact that PostHog is open source was really helpful. The cloud formation templates made deployment easy and we were up and running within a day, but because it’s open source we can also open the codebase and figure things out if needed. We’ve iterated and built out an entire stack for ourselves since launching PostHog.”
self-host, privacyJoe Saunderson
Software Engineer, MentionMe
“We self-hosted PostHog because we needed to keep everything on our infrastructure. Our clients’ privacy is very important to us and we have obligations to store their data safely.”
dashboardsAnca Filip
Head of Product, MentionMe
“The first thing I did was create a dashboard. It took just ten minutes to get the information I needed. Seeing that information so easily is amazing.”
autocapture, retroactive data captureLleo Harress
Software Engineer, MentionMe
“Retrospective data and event autocapture are especially useful. When we have a question We can define an event and then see the retroactive data for it immediately, instead of waiting months to get new data.”
feature flags, experimentationJoe Saunderson
Software Engineer, MentionMe
“We use feature flags to issue changes to 50% of users and then compare the effect. Experiment, find results, decide where to focus and then iterate.”
funnelsRikin Kachhia
Software Engineer, Hasura
“We observed drop-offs at very particular stages of our onboarding flows, as a result, we took several actions such as moving these steps further down the funnel. These changes helped us deliver a 10-20% improvement in our conversion rate.”
ui, uxAnubhuti Mishra
UI/UX Designer, Hasura
“I look at our top-performing website pages, such as tutorials, blog and pricing pages. Our team has built a schedule around this so we are always shifting focus throughout the website and continuing to improve.”
attribution, insightsAndy Su
Founder & CEO, Pry
"We look into things such as how valuable customers who come to us via ads are compared to those who are organic. We then use that information to make decisions about our advertising strategy.”
self-host, privacyTiffany Wong
Co-founder, Pry
“Hosting PostHog on our own infrastructure was easy to do and means we can be confident that our data is safe and shared with as few platforms as possible. This is really important to us, as we’re often dealing with sensitive data.”
self-host, privacyRikin Kachhia
Software Engineer, Hasura
“No other tools we looked at offered self-hosted deployments. Some of our systems deal with sensitive data and we didn’t want to get into compliance issues with third parties. Self-hosting on PostHog just took that whole problem away.”
session recordingAnubhuti Mishra
UI/UX Designer, Hasura
“One time, I was watching session recordings for our sign-up page. I realised a lot of people were trying to click something that wasn’t actually a button. We wouldn’t have noticed that needed fixing without PostHog’s session recordings.”
competitionAnubhuti Mishra
UI/UX Designer, Hasura
“Google Analytics doesn’t give very detailed information. It gives a broad overview of the whole site, but in order to get really deep into the data - to see what users are actually clicking, where they are hovering? That’s where PostHog comes in.”
insightsAnca Filip
Head of Product, MentionMe
"PostHog has helped us improve our product and get a much better understanding of our users than we've ever been able to before."
heatmaps, toolbarAndy Su
Founder & CEO, Pry
“Recently we saw that a lot of people were clicking the Docs link at the very bottom of our footer, for example. Nothing else, just that button. Spotting that with PostHog’s heatmap tool helped us know we needed to surface that link somewhere else and pushed us to put it in the main navigation. Things like that? It's why every data-driven company should be using a product like PostHog.”
documentation, open sourceChris H
Co-founder, Unknown
"PostHog's extensive documentation and github repositories makes it easy to learn how to best take advantage of the platform and follow their product road map."
support, communityChris H
Co-founder, Unknown
"The team is extremely friendly, developer focused, dedicates a lot of time to listen to feedback, and has been quick and responsive to all of our questions."
open source, scalabilityChris H
Co-founder, Unknown
"PostHog is a transparent company that documents everything with a "build in public" mindset...As we've grown, the PostHog platform has been a flexible platform that's easily adaptable to our changing needs."
dashboards, insightsChris H
Co-founder, Unknown
"PostHog helps us understand how our users are benefiting from our platform. Their intuitive dashboard builder for breaking down the incoming event data has made it easier for us to better service our customers and understand what features to build next. I've tried a handful of product analytics tools, and PostHog has become the obvious choice"
self-hostTiffany Wong
Co-founder, Pry
"You can choose to host PostHog either in the cloud, or on your own infrastructure. If your product is often tracking sensitive data then it’s best to host it yourself so you can have full control over everything."
funnelsTiffany Wong
Co-founder, Pry
"We’re tracking how users engage with our platform, where they fall out of our funnels and what the overall trends in behavior are. The data we’ve gathered has helped us make several important decisions about where to improve our platform."
privacy, complianceNicolas Grenié
Developer Advocate, Typeform
"PostHog is a game-changer: it's a full-featured product analytics suite you can host on your existing systems. There's no need to risk breaches by sending data to third parties or to waste time on lengthy compliance checks. You don't even need SQL."
culture, handbook, talentAndrew Maguire
Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Netdata
"A biggie for me is the great culture and openness of the team - it's just been so easy and painless to work with them. Even if we do run into some sort of issue then its as simple as a feature request in the GitHub repo and we have full transparency on it from there."
competitor, eventsAndrew Maguire
Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Netdata
"For us PostHog's simple, clean, modern, event-based approach to product analytics has allowed us to think about our telemetry in different ways that would not have been possible in the traditional Google Analytics approach. Being able to just define whatever events we want and have it all just work has been a superpower for us."
toolbar, data warehouseNick Booth
CTO, Feedr
"We have been using PostHog for a number of months now and found it very easy to implement. Its toolbar feature means in some cases we can get metrics on specific areas with out needing to instrument our code. We use Redshift for our Datawarehouse and the posted posthog instance supports pushing the data into this so we have all of our product analytics in one place. All in all a spectacular product."
supportMartin McKeaveney
Co-founder, Budibase
"Posthog is awesome - we use it heavily and it is by far the best open source analytics platform, with a great team and support behind it."
competitor, costQuentin Durantay
Head of Growth, WeWeb.io
"Love PostHog! The tool that finally made me churn from Amplitude. 1/10th of the price, 10x the value. Highly recommended!"
self-host, privacyElena Samuylova
CEO & Co-founder, Evidently AI
"An absolutely awesome product! Self-hosting analytics and owning the data is a major feature."
costPranay Prateek
Co-founder, SigNoz
"PostHog is simple to use and has a generous free usage tier which you can use for your analytics needs."
SQL, data pipeline, postgresMike Shanks
CEO & Co-founder, Budibase
"Happy PostHog user here. I stream all the PostHog events from the cloud platform into a Postgres table, which is fantastic if you're a SQL junkie."
competitor, self-hostChristopher Akritidis
COO, Netdata
"We can actually access ALL the collected data. No garbage predefined reports, no ridiculous sampling, it's all there."
competitor, events, self-hostFilip Stanev
Co-founder, Saga.so
"At Saga, we tried pretty much every product analytics product out there. In the end, we decided to self-host Posthog because of the privacy benefits and the better tracking capability compared to the alternatives. Posthog tracks more events, while other products get blocked and show unreliable results."
feature flags, session recording, autocapture, competitorEvan Sosenko
CTO, PureSkill.gg
"The autocapture and session recording is ridiculously powerful out of the box. Adding custom events and user properties will take you to the next level. The feature flags let us dark-launch without yet-another-service to integrate. You can even use it as a support tool since you can replay user sessions. There might be other services that do those things on their own, but having it all in one place is a huge win and time save."
privacy, performance, competitorFilip Stanev
Co-founder, Saga
"LogRocket was one of the first tools we tried, but it felt very privacy invasive. We didn’t feel comfortable with how much they were tracking. We tried Amplitude, but it was just far too slow. Even creating dashboards felt laggy."
privacy, performance, competitorFilip Stanev
Co-founder, Saga
"We tried Amplitude and LogRocket first. Very early on we discovered that we were losing information due to ad blockers and privacy features. We also didn’t think it was a great idea to share information with these platforms."
data integrity, performance, competitorFilip Stanev
Co-founder, Saga
"We installed MixPanel and PostHog at the same time. We saw between 40-50% more events in PostHog, just because we were self-hosting. PostHog also tracks around 20-30% more users than MixPanel does. For example, for one particular event we defined, Mixpanel reported 6,343 occurrences last month. PostHog reported what we know to be the true figure, which is 8,169 — almost 30% more than MixPanel."
data integrity, performance, competitorFilip Stanev
Co-founder, Saga
"The ability to track events across sessions is a big thing for us, because otherwise we’d need to use another completely different tool for that. It’s the same with feature flags, which are integrated very tightly into our product. It really makes PostHog stand out as more than just another analytics platform."
users, dashboardsFrancesco Agosti
CTO & Co-founder, Phantom
"We use PostHog dashboards in our weekly all-hands meetings. We’ll often share information that’s important with each other directly. Our biggest power user is probably Brandon, the CEO, who is sort of addicted to PostHog - but it’s also popular with the developers too."
feature flags, competitorFrancesco Agosti
CTO & Co-founder, Phantom
"Feature flags are really, really critical for us and you don’t see them as a feature in other analytics tools. They very valuable though, because you can often use feature flag data to make other product decisions."
deployment, open-source, self-hostingFrancesco Agosti
CTO & Co-founder, Phantom
"I liked how PostHog was open-source and how it just worked out of the box from the get-go. It lets you use your own database and it was really easy to deploy and get going."