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Product design process

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"No design by default"

We encourage engineers to act like feature owners, carrying a project from ideation to completion. We maintain a design system in Storybook, so engineers can build high-quality features independently, as much as possible.

Because engineers choose their sprint tasks near the beginning of a sprint (and product doesn't plan tasks for engineers in advance), our process doesn't allow for us to have a product manager and a designer to work closely together before a task gets selected by an engineer.

In our process of short, 2-week sprints with no pre-planning, design would become a blocker to an engineer quickly iterating on a feature. Thus, we've settled on the general rule of that engineers don't get support from product designers by default.

This doesn't mean product design should never be involved. But designers can weigh in on if their support would be useful for a given task, or if design is premature for a project.

Learn more about how we decide this in our guide to working with product designers, for engineers.


Lottie CoxonGraphic DesignerWebsite & Docs, Marketing
Cory Watilo (Team lead)Design LeadApp teams, Website & Docs

Design at PostHog:

  • Supports Small Teams (and contributors) in building better versions of PostHog
  • Enables customers to build better products (using PostHog)
  • Make it easy for third party developers to build apps on top of our Product OS
  • Exists to make the best damn SaaS website and docs in the world

Important: We prioritize feedback based on alignment with business goals. Everyone has feedback about design. (If feedback is more of a personal opinion than a business-related perspective, we’ll note it, but don't be offended if your feedback isn't specifically addressed!)

Requesting artwork and brand materials.

Need some custom artwork? Read the art and branding request guidelines.


You can find PostHog's design portfolio on Dribbble... or just have a look around!


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