We're a little hog-wild about helping you build successful products.

PostHog started as open source product analytics. We've grown into a product & data toolkit, used by 10,000+ customers.


Our story

PostHog was hatched in Y Combinator's W20 batch.

We launched on Hacker News with our MVP – just 4 weeks after we started writing code.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. We had over 300 deployments in a couple of days. 2 weeks later, we'd gone past 1,500 stars on GitHub.

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Why we're different

Being open source, we operate in public as much as we can – including our product roadmap.

Here are some popular pages from our company handbook:

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We're a team of 35 from all over the world.

Many of us move around a lot. Here's where we're currently shipping code.

Marius Andra
Eric Duong
Lottie Coxon
Yakko Majuri
Li Yi Yu
Neil Kakkar
Cameron DeLeone
Coua Phang


Thanks a million!
($27.125 million, to be exact...)

Y Combinator
1984 Ventures
Tapas Capital
Jason Warner
Jason Warner

GitHub CTO

Unusual Ventures
L2 Ventures
Kima Ventures
Sunflower Ventures
Uncorrelated Ventures
SV Angel
David Buxton
David Buxton

Arachnys Founder

Dalton Caldwell
Dalton Caldwell

Imeem Founder, YC Admissions

David Cramer
David Cramer

Sentry Founder

Brad Flora
Brad Flora

Perfect Audience Founder, YC Group Partner

Adam Goldsteim
Adam Goldsteim

Hipmunk Founder

Solomon Hykes
Solomon Hykes

Docker Founder

Rujul Zaparde
Rujul Zaparde

Flightcar Founder

+ many more

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