Sales overview

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This section of the Handbook covers customers who are interested in our self-hosted Scale plans specifically. We also have detailed guidance on how to manage sales day-to-day under Sales Operations and CRM.


We currently follow a 100% inbound sales model - our approach to product-led growth means that we do not do outbound sales or cold outreach.

Our primary commercial focus is on customer success, not pushing sales through. We work with a smaller number of leads, but we know that the leads we receive are already pre-qualified and genuinely interested in potentially using PostHog.

Target customer for Scale

We believe that Scale has the greatest value for the following type of PostHog customer:

  • Technical - engineers or technical product managers
  • Mid- to high-volume - likely 100k-1m+ monthly events
  • Strong desire to self host - devtools, privacy needs, or brand needs
  • Need the wider platform - SDKs, exports to data lakes, and/or feature flags on top of core analytics

Our current plan for Scale is to focus on these customers, as they will benefit the most.

Our values

  • No sales-y talk - we are direct, open and honest with customers. We share as much as possible publicly, rather than hiding it behind a mandatory demo call. We are honest when we don't know the answer, or if we're not sure that PostHog is the right solution for a customer.
  • Speed - we are frighteningly responsive. If a customer is in a rush, we do our best to work at their pace. We are clear about expectations, and do not promise what we cannot deliver to close a deal.
  • Engineers helping engineers - there is nothing more frustrating than talking to a salesperson who can't give you all the answers. We keep 'let me find out from the team' to an absolute minimum.