PostHog for startups

PostHog for startups

$50k in credits (plus extras you'll actually use) to help you get to product-market fit

Email to get your credit

Here's what you get:

A year of PostHog

Get $50k credit toward PostHog Cloud for 12 months

Generous allowance

Credit is equivalent to over 30m events and 50k recordings per month

Office hours

Exclusive private office hours with PostHog's exec team every month

"Building is never just one-and-done. You always need to find ways to improve. PostHog is central to how we do that at Y Combinator. It helps us try ideas, measure results and make better products.”
Cat LiProduct & Engineering Lead, Y Combinator

Extra perks

  • Startup spotlight

    Every month, we will pick a startup of the month to spotlight. We'll do a short interview with you which we'll share on and our socials.

  • Free PostHog merch

    Because you can never have too much

  • We'll promote your launch

    Doing a launch? Let us know and we'll retweet, upvote you on ProductHunt, and generally spread the word.

  • Extra credit

    Send this page to your investor or accelerator where they can apply to be a partner. If they sign up, we'll double your credits and send you a custom pair of PostHog AirPods.


How do I apply?
Just sign up and then email and we'll apply the credit.
Who's eligible?
Your company needs to be less than 2 years old and have raised less than $5m funding. You need to have signed up any time from Jan 1st 2023 onwards.
I signed up before this deal launched, can I still get it?
Yes, but only if you signed up after Jan 1st 2023. If your startup meets the eligibility criteria but you signed up to PostHog before Jan 1st, we won't apply the credits but are still happy to enroll you in the rest of the program.
Can I get this deal if I'm part of YC?
We have a separate deal for YC folks - check out Bookface. No, they don't stack!
What if I go over the $50k limit?
At that point you can either move onto PostHog Free or PostHog Scale.
What happens at the end of the 12 months?
At that point you can either move onto PostHog Free or PostHog Scale.
How come you don't offer credits for AWS, Segment etc. like Mixpanel does?
Because all of those are available if you just go to the company directly anyway.