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Press enquiries

Any press-related enquiries should be directed to - this includes any emails you receive personally. Only Joe, James, Tim or Charles should be talking to the press on PostHog's behalf.

With the exception of occasional major press releases (see below), PR is purely a reactive activity at PostHog. We do not invest in proactive PR yet, as we believe other channels are a higher priority.

Managing press releases

From time to time, we may have significant company news that we want to release via the press, in addition to our usual channels. This is usually for significant company milestones such as funding rounds.

We have a simple process to ensure that any press releases go smoothly.

First steps

  • Write up objectives and comms strategy - what is the purpose of the press release? What key message(s) are we trying to get across?
  • Set an approximate target date

Two weeks before release

  • Confirm key messages and write first draft press release
  • Finalize target date
  • Pitch and secure a media exclusive - our investors can help with this
  • Secure approval for any third party involvement, e.g. quotes we want to use

We currently prefer working with a single media partner on an exclusive basis, as we believe a single, high-quality story is more impactful than taking a broad approach, given our current early stage.

One week before release

  • Finalize press release and share with exclusive media partner
  • Any media prep if interviews have been scheduled

On the day of release

  • Wait for the media partner's story to go live first! Check it carefully and ask for any errors to be amended before proceeding with the below...
  • Push out the press release via BusinessWire
  • Submit via YC's social media request from
  • James to post on his personal LinkedIn (and tag all relevant people)
  • Post in our PostHog Users Slack
  • Post in YC Slack
  • Write post on our blog about the news
  • Post on PostHog Twitter (and tag all relevant people)
  • Share links to all of the above to the PostHog team so they can share
  • Update any relevant online company profiles; Crunchbase, Pitchbook, Glassdoor.

Press release template

Include media and quotes from James, Tim or influential people.

# Headline
## About PostHog
PostHog is an open source, product analytics platform. PostHog enables software teams to understand user behavior – auto-capturing events, performing product analytics and dashboarding, enabling video replays, and rolling out new features behind feature flags, all based on their single open source platform. The product’s open source approach enables companies to self-host, removing the need to send data externally.
Founded in 2020 by James Hawkins and Tim Glaser, PostHog was a member of Y Combinator’s Winter 2020 batch, and has subsequent raised $12m in funding from GV, Y Combinator and notable angel investors including Jason Warner (CTO, GitHub), Solomon Hykes (Founder, Docker) and David Cramer (Founder, Sentry).
## About Y Combinator Continuity Fund
YC Continuity is an investment fund dedicated to supporting founders as they scale their companies. Our primary goal is to support YC alumni companies by investing in their subsequent funding rounds, though we occasionally invest in non-YC companies as well.
Like YC’s early-stage partners, the entire YC Continuity team has strong operating experience. We work to create opportunities for founders to continue their personal growth and scale their companies successfully.
We also run the YC Growth Program, which brings together founder-CEOs who are leading rapidly growing companies.


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