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PostHog works based on Sprints. These are when a Small Team meets to discuss how the last Sprint went, and what the plan is for the next one.

Sprints are shared transparently inside the company, for every team – including the Executive Team. This means people can coordinate work without having to do meetings.

  • There should be a GitHub issue for the sprint up in advance and everyone should add their notes to it before the meeting starts.

  • Each individual should come with specific written suggestions for what they'll work on over the next sprint. Note: if you're in an engineering role, product won't dictate to you what to build – it is up to you to drive this.

  • The team leader for a small team is responsible for making sure the sprint takes place regularly.

  • Any important points discussed should be written down to clarify any decisions and to help those who didn't attend.

  • Teams generally meet either once a week or every two weeks.

  • Everyone in a small team should attend their small team's sprint as far as possible.

  • Anyone can attend a specific small team's sprints. However, all attendees should have a specific reason to be there.

  • Anyone can comment on the sprint issue before or after the sprint.


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