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Marketing Hiring

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Marketing hiring at PostHog

Our Marketing team is small and we don't hire into this team very often. Please check our careers page for our open roles.

What we are looking for in Marketing hires

Beyond the specific skills listed in the job description, we always generally look for:

  • Communication skills
    • Moreso than other companies, all of our communication is written and public for the world to see. Good written communication is key.
    • Are they opinionated? Do they avoid generic marketing-speak?
  • T-shaped people
    • We generally look for people who are generalists with a spike in one particular area, vs. specialists
    • We avoid people who are interested in building and managing a large team

Marketing hiring process

1. Culture interview

This is our standard culture interview with the People & Ops team. We will at this stage also ask for work samples or portfolios, to get a better feeling for the work a candidate has done in the past.

2. Technical interview and portfolio review

The technical interview round usually lasts 45-60 minutes and usually involves two of our team members. They will ask questions around background and previous experience, as well as some scenario-based questions. At the end, they will leave time to answer any open questions.

If relevant, we'll go through a candidate's portfolio.

3. Marketing SuperDay

The final stage of our interview process is the PostHog SuperDay. This is a paid full day of work with us, which we can flexibly arrange around your schedule.

The task will usually be actual marketing work, involving creating a piece of content or talking to customers. We usually give a fairly open-ended task, where it is up to you to decide how you want to prioritize and tackle it.

A Marketing SuperDay usually looks like this (there is a degree of flexibility due to time zone differences):

  • Kick-off session
  • Meet the founders - Tim and James
  • Time to focus on the task, we can provide support via your personal Slack channel
  • Informal session with a few team members
  • On days when we have company wide meetings, we will invite you along to that and give you a chance to introduce yourself. On days without company-wide meetings, we will arrange for you to meet a few members of our team for a casual lunch/coffee break

Overall, you should spend at least 80% of your time and energy on the task and less than 20% on meeting people, as we will base our decision on your output of the day. However, we encourage everyone to use the Slack channel as much as needed for any questions or problems.

In line with our values and culture, you might get short replies like "step on toes" or "bias for action".


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