The platform for
building better products

Ingest product data
Ingest product data
with event pipelines
with analytics suite
Test & iterate
Test & iterate
with feature flags
Watch adoption
Watch adoption
with session recordings
to data lakes

+ Heatmaps, Session Browsing, Autocapture & more

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A single platform that does it all

Until now, you’d need multiple services to do all this. Plus only PostHog lets you keep customer data on your own infrastructure.


  • Trends
  • Funnels
  • Cohorts
  • Retention
  • Paths
  • Session browsing
  • Revenue tracking (soon)


  • Session recordings
  • Feature flags
  • Heatmaps
  • A/B testing


  • Event pipeline
  • Self-hosting capability
  • Plugins library
  • Open source
  • Event autocapture
  • Compliance-friendly
  • Export to data lakes
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PostHog is what I always wanted a Product Analytics SaaS to be. Private cloud option so GDPR becomes way more manageable, features built based on direct community feedback, focus on simplicity and usefulness over vanity features...Great job people!


Host on your own private cloud

Optionally host PostHog yourself with a private cloud deployment - a great solution for privacy-conscious and compliance-oriented companies.

Built to scale
Built to scale
Private cloud deployments are capable of supporting hundreds of millions of users
Unlimited usage, no surprises
Unlimited usage, no surprises
No limits or overages with a flat fee licensing model for our largest customers
Managed deployments
Managed deployments
Get PostHog updates automatically, without giving us access to your data
Ad blocker-resistant
Ad blocker-resistant
Eliminate dependencies on 3rd party solutions that are flagged for tracking
Compliance comes standard
Compliance comes standard
Makes HIPAA and SOC2 audits a breeze when you host on your own stack
Dedicated support
Dedicated support
Connect with our team for getting the best value or regular touch points

Open-source to our core

Our workflow, strategy, internal policies, handbook, and brand book are public and open source.

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Here’s a handful of the 263 people we have to thank for our success

based on contributions to PostHog GitHub libraries.

Getting better every day

We built a ton in 2020. We’re going to build even more in 2021.
Everything we build is based off your feedback.

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A story about pivots

PostHog has pivoted a lot.

After 5 pivots in 6 months, we got into YCombinator last year, pivoted again whilst we were there and have now gone from the first commit to thousands of deployments, a team across 10 countries and $12M raised, in well under a year. We've a long way to go, but we're delighted at how it has gone so far.

This is that story and what we learned from it.

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