Open source product analytics.

We help software teams understand their user behavior.

See what each user is doing.

Work out how people are actually using your product.

Improve your conversion rates.

Create funnels – understand where people are dropping out.

Track which features are popular.

Know the impact of every feature.

The only developer-friendly option.

PostHog Docker Demo
 # Try our Docker preview with just one line! Install Docker then run the following:
 docker run -t -i --rm --publish 8000:8000 -v postgres:/var/lib/postgresql posthog/posthog:preview
 # => Like it? Follow the docs to deploy to production:

Event autocapture

Say goodbye to pushing (‘event’) manually every time you change your product or website.

The privacy-friendly option

PostHog can be self-hosted. That means no need to send data to 3rd parties. Stop losing 10-30% of your data due to ad-blockers.

Made for developers

PostHog is the developer-friendly option. That’s why we open sourced our free version. Go build great products.

Get started with PostHog today.