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Definition of 'kudos'

(kjuːdɒs IPA Pronunciation Guide, US kuːdoʊz IPA Pronunciation Guide)

Kudos is admiration or recognition that someone or something gets as a result of a particular action or achievement.

As an all-remote team, we need to put extra effort into celebrating each others' achievements, as not being in the same physical location can often make good work less visible.

We use Monday All-Hands as an opportunity to acknowledge cool things that people have done in the previous week. Can be anything - shipping a new feature, a great piece of content, fixing an issue, or just generally doing something nice for someone else.

How to give kudos

You can use /kudos @person for [reason] to give someone kudos in Slack whenever you want. The kudos gift won't be visible in the chat for anyone else, but the gifted person will probably enjoy seeing themselves in All-Hands on Monday.

To list all kudos from the last week, use /kudos show [daysPast=7]. For now, this only works on a Monday.

Alternatively, you can just write directly into the All-Hands doc, though this relies on you remembering things that happened the previous week.


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