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We use Cloudinary for asset management (image and video uploads), mainly to reduce website build times (as each image hosted within the repo has to get processed on each build). Offloading assets to Cloudinary saves time and resources.

Uploading an asset

  1. Go to the Cloudinary dashboard and log in. (Find the login in 1Password.)

    Pro tip: Double-click a folder to drill in, despite the cursor pointer indicating it's a link you only need to click once.

  2. Click 'Upload' in the top right, then drag and drop. The upload button will not appear unless you follow the exact link above into the image folder.

  3. Add the filename (and any folders) to the base asset URL:

  4. Use the full URL in your docs or handbook update

Improving this workflow

There are some ways to reduce the effort to upload a new asset:

  1. Add Cloudinary as a desktop-like app on your computer.

    Rather than visiting the Cloudinary website in your browser, download WebCatalog. It allows you to add a Cloudinary icon to your dock, providing one-click access to the media upload page. Drag and drop to upload from there.

  2. Use a text expander to save the URL of the base asset path (e.g. https://res.cloudinary.com/dg3gyk0gu/image/upload/) so you don't have to type it out each time. You can then use a customizable keyboard shortcut like cloudurl to paste the base URL, then you only need to add your filename to the end of the path.

    Here are some text expander options (for Mac):


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