Paid & SEO

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The objective of our paid advertising is to increase the number of relevant developers who are aware of PostHog. As we believe in product-led growth, paid ads are not at the heart of our marketing strategy. Instead, we see them as a way to kick start and then amplify the work we are doing in other areas of marketing and product.

We have just started to work with our first outside marketing agency, Hey Digital. Hey will help us develop our paid ad strategy and manage paid channels on our behalf. We communicate with them via a shared internal Slack channel. Over the next few weeks, we expect this page to change a lot.

General tactics

These will evolve over time:

  • Show, don't tell - share genuinely interesting content and let the user discover the product themselves. If you wouldn't click on the link, why do you think our users would?
  • Use our very distinctive brand of graphic art as much as possible - it tells a story that draws people in better than screenshots of graphs.
  • Better to be opinionated and a bit divisive than unmemorable.
  • No bullshit - double down on our open/transparent product and culture.
  • Definitely no unfounded technical claims or feature promises.
  • Don't be afraid to use humor, coding jokes etc.

Bear in mind a lot of our users will use ad-blocking of some kind - this is why our other channels such as developer relations are especially important.

Brand guidelines

  • Always follow our messaging framework to ensure consistency across channels as a general guide.
  • For specific messaging to use in copy, we have put together a sheet of our value propositions and benefits.
  • We have a handy set of assets that you can use, together with guidelines for each platform. Please make sure you follow these so our brand and design language remain consistent across all our various platforms.


We are still figuring these out, but have previously run experiments on:

  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Reddit Ads

We may consider other paid platforms such as Facebook and Stack Overflow in the future as we learn more. Charles, James H and Mo generally have admin access to these channels.


We are just getting started here as well, and have begun working with Astronaut Marketing to run an initial audit. Our focus is optimising for content SEO over technical SEO to start with.