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While we have set up the company to work asynchronously as much as possible, there's a very real benefit in getting together in real life. We've learned that our best ideas come from working together.

We understand organizing travel can be a challenge when you have personal/family commitments to manage, so we try to take a balanced approach to meetups:

  • Once a year: all-company offsite (everyone strongly encouraged to attend)
  • Twice a year: small team offsite (everyone encouraged to attend one of these)

All-company offsites

Once a year, the entire company will get together somewhere in the world for a week. Usually we'll all fly on Sunday, have an opening dinner, spend the week doing a mix of hard work, strategy, culture and fun activities and we then all fly back home on Friday. Our past offsites have been in Italy, Portugal and Iceland.

These are organized by the Ops & People team, and we budget up to $3,000 per person in total for these.

We filmed a video in Porto in August 2021 which should give you a taste for how these run!

Typical agenda:

  • A couple of structured social events
  • Team dinners
  • 24hr Hackathon
  • All-hands strategic sessions and workshops
  • All-hands culture exercises
  • A small amount of downtime so people can explore

Small team offsites

We want to try to encourage small teams to get together twice each year. These are more focused on work and on creating strong bonds within teams. Ideally they are spaced appropriately through the year in relation to the all-company offsite.

Some guidelines:

  • These are more focused on work than the all-company offsite, but it's still worth organizing a fun activity, do some sightseeing and in general spend time together.
  • We'd encourage you to pick a city that one or more of your team members already live in, and a place that minimizes travel time/expenses for everyone else.
  • We'd encourage you to get an AirBnB for everyone not living in the city, as you automatically get a space you can work from and there's less organizing involved.
  • These offsites don't happen very often and involve a lot of travel, so make sure you make the most out of it by having a light agenda and an idea of what you want to achieve before the start of the trip.

Ideas for the agenda:

  • Planning session. What does the team want to achieve in the next month/quarter/year?
  • Look at the team page - what needs to be updated?
  • 360 degree feedback session - these are more effective at small team offsites

The budget for these trips is up to $1,000 per person.

You should assign someone on the small team to be responsible for planning the offsite (doesn't have to be the lead), and they will be supported by the Ops & People team to ensure a successful experience.

Hedge House

PostHog runs the Hedge House, in Cambridge, UK. It's a place designed for small teams to run their offsites.

Anyone at PostHog is welcome to use it as much as they like. See the full Hedge House docs.

We'd recommend using the Hedge House for small team offsites for cost and convenience reasons (unless you're outside Europe, in which case - up to you).