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PostHog's main value proposition, outlined below, is structured like a story:

  • The proposition we make (e.g. Have more fun at the arcade)
  • The challenge before PostHog (e.g. Most arcade games are for one player)
  • The experience of this challenge (e.g. It's not fun to play on your own)
  • The solution PostHog offers (e.g. Our arcade game has a two-player mode)
  • The result of the solution (e.g. You'll have twice as much fun)

An all-in-one platform for product engineers

PostHog offers a suite of product tools for engineers, including analytics, session replay, feature flags, experimentation, data warehouse, and more, all in one easy-to-use platform. This enables engineers on product and data teams to get information faster, while less technical teams are also able to self-serve and get answers without needing support.

  • Proposition: We help engineers build better products.
  • Challenge: You have to go between and integrate many different tools, often making requests of other teams to get information.
  • Experience: You aren't able to progress quickly and even simple requests can take a lot of time.
  • Solution: PostHog is the only product solution that combines several useful tools into a single, self-serve platform.
  • Result: Now you can get answers faster and focus on improving your product.

That's it. We no longer include our old value propositions for self-hosted (now for hobbyists only) nor integration with data warehouses (as we're building our own).


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