Product data infrastructure

Product OS is the foundation that all PostHog products are built on. You have access to all PostHog data with the API.

Product data infrastructure

A single home for all product usage data

  • Events

    Raw activity data like clicks, pageviews, and any custom events you send from your codebase

  • Actions

    Synthetic events that can be retroactively created from interactions with the DOM

  • Persons

    Individual level user activity and properties from both identified (logged in) and anonymous users

  • Organizations & groups

    Group users by company to analyze usage or activity in aggregate rather than the individual user

  • Annotations

    Add context around product updates ship or when website traffic spikes

A unified way to query product usage data

We created HogQL, a translation layer over ClickHouse SQL. (You can use most ClickHouse features in HogQL, including JOINs and subqueries.)

Everything you see in PostHog relies on HogQL queries. If you aren't able to run a query in a PostHog UI, just enter HogQL mode to write the exact query you need.

You can also query directly from our data warehouse (powered by ClickHouse).

One platform, tons of products

PostHog products

PostHog offers 7+ products in one (and counting).

Use only what you want. But... if you want to try a new PostHog product, there are several benefits of being on Product OS:

  • Retroactive data with autocapture

    If you\’re running a web app with Autocapture enabled, some PostHog products can backfill historical data, meaning you can get value from a new product without waiting for data to trickle in.

  • One-click setup with no new account provisioning

    Trying a new PostHog product doesn't require new code to be deployed. You don't need to invite your team since they already have PostHog accounts.

Site widgets

Install the PostHog.js snippet on your website to get access to a growing library of mini-apps that can be injected into your website's front end.

This includes utilities like downtime banners, pop-up survey widgets, geo-location notices, and more. (It even powers our own Surveys product.)

Since you can toggle site apps on from within PostHog, deploying a new site app doesn't require a code deployment.

This example uses Notification Bar to display a banner. It can be targeted to specific users or groups using feature flags.


If your business has bespoke data visualization needs that aren't covered by a PostHog product, you can build your own interface with queries using the API and HogQL.

  • Data transformations

    Capture the live event stream and do something with it - like munge PII or add geolocation.

  • Data out

    Access data from dashboards or metrics from saved insights.

  • Data augmentation

    Augment event data coming into PostHog with more context and detail

  • Reverse ETL

    Update and feed context to external products like Hubspot or Salesforce

  • Build apps

    Develop custom functionality or choose from the 50ish apps in our 3rd party app library

  • Marketing or product automation

    Activate drip campaign or a push notification based on customer activity

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)

    Create a singular customer view by combining event and customer data in one place.


If you use PostHog on a website or web app, the Product OS Toolbar can run on your site, letting you:

  • Visually define events
  • Toggle feature flags on or off
  • See a click map showing what people are clicking

But wait, there's more...

Here are a few more features of Product OS. For more details about how it works, visit the docs.

    • Autocapture

      Add PostHog.js to your website or web app to track all event data and retroactively define events

    • Webhooks

      Fire a hook (to any service that supports webhooks) when any product activity takes place - useful for getting event-related alerts in Slack or Teams.

    • Warehouse sync

      Sync data with Segment or Rudderstack – or use PostHog's built in warehouse

    • Reverse proxy

      Send events to PostHog Cloud using your own domain

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