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PostHog is a platform of many products:

  • Product analytics to help you quantitatively understand how users behave
  • Web analytics for tracking behavior on your marketing websites
  • Session replay for diagnosing issues and seeing how users use your product
  • Feature flags for testing new features and safely rolling them out
  • A/B testing for scientifically verifying changes to improve conversion
  • Surveys for collecting qualitative feedback running satisfaction surveys

PostHog's Product OS is the foundation on which they're built.

It ties all your user and product data together, so you can focus on improving your product instead of engineering your data.

Product OS features

Product OS comprises things like:

  • Our easy to implement client and server SDKs like posthog-js client library, which autocaptures frontend events, so you don't have to waste time manually instrumenting every button and simple interaction

  • Our APIs, which enable you to capture, evaluate, create, update, and delete nearly all of your information in PostHog, and pull information into your app

  • Collaboration features like Notebooks, which enable you to analyze data from all PostHog products in a single document you can share and collaborate on with teammates

  • Built-in data management tools, where you can define and organize events, person properties, data tables, and audit changes made by colleagues

  • Data pipelines, which enable you to enrich your PostHog data from other sources, and integrate PostHog with other tools for marketing automation, sales, and support

  • HogQL, which grants you unrestricted access to your data via custom SQL queries for advanced, custom analysis

  • Our infrastructure, which is built upon ClickHouse, an ultra-fast open-source database system built specifically for real-time data analysis

  • The PostHog Toolbar, which lets you easily toggle feature flags, inspect elements, create Actions, and see where users click


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