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YouTube could be a massive channel for organic traffic. Our small amount of YouTube content (especially tutorials) has a decent amount (x000s) of views. Many potential and current users in our ICP rely on YouTube for informative content. Users have asked for it.

We have lots of content (blog, tutorial) that can relatively easily turn into video content. As a start, we should turn tutorial and SEO blog content into video content and post it on YouTube.

What we (Ian) need:

  • Something to say (a script or notes)
  • A way to record
  • A way to edit
  • Title, thumbnail, publishing



  • Ian records using Loom, my equipment, basic tutorials, basically the same script as article, light editing (from me), and templated thumbnails.
  • Goal: consistently publish at least 2 videos per week, with x00s of views each, >0 signups attributable per week.


  • Use Loom, slightly upgrade equipment, more advanced (longer) tutorials, more work on the script, a freelance editor, and custom thumbnails (from Lottie).
  • Goal: consistently publish 2 higher quality videos per week, some reaching x000s of views, >5 signups attributable per week.


  • Use Loom or other software, same equipment, record blog posts and YouTube-specific content, better scripts, freelance editor, custom thumbnails (from Lottie or freelancer).
  • Goal: publish 3 high-quality videos per week (at least 1 featuring non-tutorial content), consistently reaching x000s, some videos reaching x0000. >10 signups attributable per week.


Distributing these videos will consist of:

  • Relying on YouTube's algorithm
  • Embed the video in the related tutorial
  • Sending to general channel in user Slack
  • If SEO or non-tutorial videos, posting on social

There is a lot to learn here, but YouTube could become a massive, differentiated channel for us.


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