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Rather than using an off-the-shelf community platform, the Website & Docs team has rolled our own. This gives us the flexibility to do what we want with it, all without having to depend on third parties or their cookies.

Community forums

Our community forums live at – but they come with a twist...

Anyone can ask a question within the forums, but they can also ask a question at the end of any docs page (under the "Questions?" subheading). We've found this to be a great place for people to ask very specific questions after attempting to find an answer in documentation, as it acts as a mini-FAQ section.

Questions that are asked within the docs are also automatically aggreagated to the correct category in the community forums.

Asking a question

A user can write a question, but they'll need to create a account before posting. (Note: This authentication system is currently separate from PostHog Cloud accounts, though we have plans to unify them.) Users can write Markdown and upload images to a question.

Once it's posted, a question permalink page is generated, which gets indexed in our site search (and tends to rank well in Google, too). The user is automatically subscribed to reply notifications by email.

Anyone can subscribe to thread replies by clicking the bell icon in a thread (after signing in).

Answering questions

If you're a PostHog team member, read the guidelines for responding to community questions.


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