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Outside of our pay and equity, we also offer several other exceptional benefits to our team.

With everyone being distributed across the world, we do our best to provide the same benefits to everyone, but they vary slightly by country depending on the services that are available and local regulations.

If you have any ideas for how we can improve our benefits offering, then please let us know!

Pension and 401k contributions

In the US, our 401k plan is managed by Guideline and we match up to 4%.

In the UK, we use Royal London. Team members contribute 5% and PostHog contributes 4%, but you can opt out if you like. You can also transfer out of the plan as frequently as you want, in case you would rather manage your own private pension.

In countries where you are employed under Deel's EOR service, we make pension contributions in line with legal requirements.

Unfortunately, we are currently legally unable to provide pensions to contractors.

Private health insurance

We offer private health insurance in countries where the health system struggles with long wait times for appointments or high out-of-pocket costs. Currently, we provide private health insurance in the US and UK.

In the US, our medical insurance is provided via UnitedHealthcare and managed via our payroll provider Gusto. We also offer dental and vision insurance via Guardian. PostHog pays 100% of the premium of the Platinum plan for team members, and 75% for dependents.

In the UK, we use Aviva for private healthcare (£100 excess per policy year) and Medicash as our cash plan for dental and vision. Children are included for free. Both of these are taxable benefits which will affect your Personal Allowance each tax year, and you can opt out at any time with 1 month notice.

Mental health support

For people in the US, we offer the option to opt in to a Flexible Savings Account (FSA), which is a tax-advantaged account that allows you to contribute pre-tax dollars up to $3,050 per year to be used on out-of-pocket medical expenses. If you choose to contribute, PostHog will match up to $50 per month to help cover mental health care costs. The FSA is a "use it or lose it" benefit, so any dollars that are not spent by the end of the year return to the company.

There is also the option to choose a lower tier, high deductible health plan (HDHP), which will qualify you for a Health Savings Account (HSA) that has further tax benefits beyond what the FSA provides. We will also contribute $50 per month to this account if you opt in. At the end of the year, any unused money rolls over and the contribution limit resets.

For people in the UK, Aviva offers coverage for therapists that are inaccessible through the NHS alone.


For people in the UK, we offer the workplace nursery scheme. This enables you to pay for your children's nursery using your pre-tax salary, saving you up to 45% in nursery fees.

If you are interested in this, first check with your nursery that they are part of the scheme, then message Kendal to get this set up.

Time off

Everyone in the team has unlimited, permissionless time off.

We also offer generous parental leave for new parents.

Learning and development

We currently offer a Training budget and free books - you can find more on the relevant pages.

Equipment and co-working

As we are fully remote, we provide all equipment you need to have an ergonomic setup at home to be as productive as possible. We provide all team members with a company card for this purpose.

If you ever need change of scenery, we offer a monthly budget towards coworking or café working, or WeWork All Access.

Please message Kendal to get added to our company WeWork account.

Meeting up

We do regular team offsites - recent trips have included Aruba, Iceland, and Portugal! Small Teams also have their own offsites at least once a year.

We also give all team members a $1,500/quarter budget to meet up in person in addition to the offsite budget

For any work-related travel, we also use Project Wren for carbon offsetting.

Free merch

People like our merch. If you want more, here's how to get it!

As always, we expect you to use this with restraint and with your own good judgement. The merch store should not become your sole source of clothing for your wardrobe, nor where you go any time a friend has a birthday. But sure, go ahead and buy your mom (or yourself) a hat or a hoodie!

Support open-source projects

Everyone gets a monthly open-source sponsorship budget to spend as they see fit to support open source projects of their choice.

We'll be your first investor

We'll be your first investor and biggest cheerleader, if you spend two years at PostHog and leave to start a new company. We're looking for entrepreneurs and a strong bias for action!


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