[Everyone else] vs. PostHog

Call us unhinged, but we believe pricing pages should have actual, um, pricing?

Most SaaS companies want to feel out how much money they can squeeze out of you. PostHog operates differently. We’re more like a utility where you pay for what you use. No extra markup - everyone pays the same rates*.

*Unless you qualify for a discount

How the sales process works at

  1. You click ‘contact us’ and type in a bunch of personal information that has nothing to do with your use of the product.

    Often times, there's no place to even ask your question.

    Your phone number is required, even though they’ll respond by email.

  2. Get booked with a junior rep who decides if you are a worthy human being.

    They will ask you the same questions you already filled out on the form.

  3. Deemed worthy? They will book you into a further call for a demo with a different person, five minutes of which will cover what you are specifically interested in.

    No pricing will be revealed. You will be asked the same questions for a third time.

  4. It's now time to talk about your usage so they can put together a commercial proposal.

    A quote will be provided at a later date because they need to "circle back with the team" to "see what they can do for you."

  5. There will be a long period of commercial wrangling because they massively inflated the price so they can then discount it heavily.

    They will bundle a bunch of value add-stuff you don’t need. 3 year contract is standard.

  6. Any legal questions require a ton of time seeking ‘approval’ and coming back with amazing special exceptions they made that were ‘really painful’ when you know it’s all BS.

  7. Eventually sign the contract - hopefully you saw the auto-renewal and mandatory price increases in there!

  8. Spend a few months (!!) on implementation with yet another person on their team, because the person who demoed isn’t technical but has to be the person through whom all comms must flow.

  9. All the sales people who got you on board immediately disappear and you are passed onto yet another team who ask you the same questions again...

How does sales

  1. “How much does it cost?” It’s on our website.
    ”How does it work?” Just sign up and try it - no credit card required.
    ”Do you do discounts?” It’s in our handbook.
    ”Can I get a quick demo?” Watch a pre-recorded demo on our website.

    Still need a personalized demo after all that? Book a call with a technical account exec - no SDRs, no qualifying calls, no BS.

  2. Get booked on a demo call with a technical person who will spend 90% of the call in the PostHog app, not chatting about our vision. They will use the info you’ve shared to customize the demo.

    Yes, we’ll even talk to you about how to manage your costs! If it turns out we can help you over a couple of emails, we’ll do that instead - less time in meetings for you, means more time building.

  3. After the call, the same person will quickly follow up with targeted, useful information about your specific use case.

    If you’re looking at spending $20k+ annually with us, we’ll get you into a shared Slack channel with our team. The goal is to get you into a short trial period where you’re implementing and seeing value from PostHog within a week - still free!

    If PostHog isn’t the right fit for you, we’ll let you know our honest opinion!

  4. Want to negotiate a discount for longer commitment? Sure thing - take your pick from our website! We believe this should be transparent too.

    P.S. If you ask for free merch, our team is legally obliged to say yes.

  5. Contract signed - now you get passed onto… wait is that still the same person who did the initial demo and knows everything about me? And they will be my main point of contact for anything support-related?!

    We’re going to be best friends!

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