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😍 Want to share feedback? File a GitHub issue or reach out directly. We're always happy to hear from you!

We actively seek (outbound) input in everything we work on. In addition to having multiple channels to continuously receive inbound feedback, we generally do active outbound feedback requests for:

  • General product and experience feedback. Continuous effort to gather general feedback on the product and their holistic experience with PostHog are led by the PMs supporting the team.
  • Usability tests. We generally run these for new big features the Engineering team is working on. Run by the engineer building that feature.

Feedback call process

Recruiting users

Ways to invite users for an interview:

  • PostHog Surveys. We even have a template for user interviews.
  • If a customer has requested a feature through slack then message them directly
  • Email customers who have subscribed to the feature on the roadmap


  • Add all feedback calls to the User interviews calendar. If the invite was created from your own calendar, you can simply add "User interviews" as an invitee.

During the call

  • If you'd like to record the call, do ask before!
  • Do a quick round of intros if you haven't met previously.
  • If this is the first interview with the user, ask them for context about their company, their role, if they're technical.

After the call

  1. Add the notes to the Google Doc, linking the recording if you did one.
  2. Share a short summary of the user interview in the #posthog-feedback Slack channel
  3. If the user reported specific bug reports or specific feature requests, open the relevant issues in GitHub. Be sure to link to their Hubspot record in case Engineering needs more context when scoping/building.
  4. Generate the reward for the user (see below).
    1. Most of the time, the reward will be a gift card for the PostHog merch store. If it's the case, create the gift card in Shopify.
  5. Follow-up with the user. Send any applicable rewards, links to any opened GitHub issues, and answers to any outstanding questions.


We strongly value our users' time. As such, we usually send a small gift of appreciation. We have the following general guidelines, but just use your best judgement.

  • Generally we send users a gift card to the PostHog merch store with around $30 of value.
  • When the above is not an option (e.g. user has received merch already) we can offer the user a $30 gift card with Open Collective.
  • The instructions on how to create gift cards can be found here.

Repositories of information

We keep a log of user feedback in the following places:

  • Feedback notes. Feedback notes are mainly kept in this Google doc.
  • Recordings. All recordings are kept in this folder in the Product shared drive.

Additional notes

Any PostHog team member may receive feedback at any time, whether doing sales, customer support, on forums outside of PostHog or even friends & family. If you receive feedback for PostHog, it's important to share it with the rest of the team. To do so, just add it to the #posthog-feedback channel.

To ensure feedback durability and visibility, the #posthog-feedback channel should not be used as the primary source of storage. Please add the feedback to the main Google doc.

We strongly recommend that everyone joins at least one user call per month. Regardless of your role, you will always benefit from staying in the loop with our users and their pain.


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