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Small teams

We've organized the team into small teams that are multi-disciplinary and as self-sufficient as possible. You can read about why we've done it this way, or browse the small teams.

Our small teams are:

Reporting lines

We maintain our full org chart in Deel, which you can access here.

Team leads do not necessarily = managers - read more about how we think about management here.

Organization changes

We’re still an early stage company, and so is our product. We strongly value moving and shipping fast (see core values) and we constantly iterate not only our product but our organization too. As this happens, it may be quite possible that organizational changes occur. This mostly happens at the small teams level. To make the changes smoother for everyone, here’s the checklist we use:

  • Discuss with relevant team leads (and/or managers if applicable).
  • Discuss with relevant team member(s).
  • Open a PR on documenting the change on the handbook.
    • Update the relevant Small Team page.
    • Update the Org Chart in Deel.
  • Let everyone else in the company know in the next all hands session.
  • Add/remove from relevant Sentry teams.
  • Add/remove from relevant GitHub teams.
  • Add/remove from Slack @ groups / team mentions (e.g. @core-experience).

Team Lead checklist

  • Onboarding 1:1 with new team member.
  • Add to stand-ups, planning sessions, and any other team rituals.
  • Update Slack channel description, and invite to Slack channel if needed.


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