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We are anti-meeting by default.

However, while we default to written and asynchronous communication, we find that having a few regular touch points for the whole team to come together on a call useful for sharing certain types of information, strengthening our culture and discussing more dynamic issues in real time.

We keep these minimal in terms of time expectation - no more than 2hrs total per week. They are usually scheduled around 8.30am PDT/4.30pm GMT to allow people across multiple timezones to attend more easily.

You should have been invited to any relevant meetings as part of your onboarding.

Weekly schedule

  • Monday - PostHog News all-hands meeting. Members of the team share company-wide updates about things like recruitment, product metrics and commercial performance - the doc is shared in the #general channel in Slack. We then go around and people are free to demo anything they've been working on recently. The content of these meetings is always confidential.
  • Tuesday - Meeting-free - no regularly scheduled internal meetings allowed. Learn more.
  • Wednesday - HogTalks, roughly once per month. We also sometimes schedule technical deep dives.
  • Thursday - Meeting-free - no regularly scheduled internal meetings allowed. Learn more.
  • Friday - These alternate between Sprint Planning and Life Stories.

No recurring meeting days (Tuesdays/Thursdays)

We try to keep these days focused on deep work. Therefore, we run no regularly scheduled meetings on these days.

However, speaking ad-hoc to your teammates on this day is fine - especially:

  • new people shouldn't worry about following this rule for the first couple of weeks - it's more important you get up-to-speed quickly
  • if it's obvious you need a meeting

If ad-hoc meetings are regularly happening, consider improving the agenda of another regular meeting so there isn't as much context switching in people's days.

Sprint planning

This is a longer 45min meeting every other Friday where we review the previous two week sprint and then outline what we want to achieve in the next 2 weeks. We split into Small Teams for this. Not all small teams follow this exact schedule, but you'll find they usually do these types of meetings on a Friday.

All sprint planning meetings are open to anyone to attend - if you are not a member of that small team, then we ask that you sit in as a non-speaking observer only.

Life stories

Alternating with Sprint Planning, Life Stories we hear from 1-2 members of the team who share a bit about themselves with us. No particular format - it's one of the few times a presentation makes sense! Each team member has up to 30min, inclusive of Q&A. These are a fun opportunity for us to get to know a bit about the people we work with, what cool things we didn't know about them, and whether or not they believe that pineapple belongs on pizza...


HogTalks follows a casual interview format where we invite inspiring folks in our network to come tell us a bit about themselves. We'll usually dive into a specific topic that is relevant to what we are working on at PostHog (e.g. product strategy, company scaling, tech architecture). A member of the team will conduct the interview, before we open up to wider questions. We also record the content to release later as a podcast/video recording.