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Under consideration

The top features we might build next. Your feedback is requested.

In progress

Here’s what we're building right now. (We choose milestones using community feedback.)


    • Notebooks

      Notebooks support many different use cases: Make notes on recordings, add insights and comment on them or quickly jot down ra...

  • Feature Success

    • Surveys

      We are building a Surveys product so that you can collect and analyse qualitative data alongside quantitive data.

    • Feature Success Analysis

      Bringing together different parts of PostHog (flags, replay, surveys) to allow users to better analyse the success of a new f...

    • Users & recordings linked to feature flags

      We want to make it easier for those who use feature flags to get information on users attached to a particular feature flag, ...

  • Pipeline

    • PostHog Customer Data Platform

      We cover some of the functionality of existing CDP solutions, such as Segment. By creating a UI which specifically encompasse...

  • Product Analytics

    • Data table exploration

      We're building an insights-like search functionality for everything qualitative. That means people, recordings, cohorts, even...


Recently shipped

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