Engineering Hiring

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Engineering hiring at PostHog

Engineers make up around 60% of our team, and we are almost always hiring for Engineering roles. Please check our careers page for our open roles.

What we are looking for in Engineering hires

Beyond the specific skills listed in the job description, we generally look for:

  • Experience with relevant technologies (Python or similar, React or similar, something to do with big data is a bonus)
    • While we are generally happy to bring people onboard straight out of college or highschool, we are currently looking for candidates with at least 2-3 years of experience in fast-growing Engineering teams
  • Has built something from scratch, ideally with minimal outside help
    • You may have been the founder of a startup, or built an impressive side project. You may have also worked on a project at work where you were the only developer.
  • Communication skills
    • Do they have writing errors in their cover letter? What does their online presence look like?
    • More so than other companies, all of our communication is written and public for the world to see. Good written communication is key.
  • Customer focus
    • Our Engineers work very closely with our customers - they do customer support, demos, and help with implementation. All potential Engineers need to be driven by delivering the best possible experience for their customers.

Engineering hiring process

Culture interview

The culture interview usually lasts around 30 minutes and will be with someone from our People and Culture team. This round is loosely structured into 4 different sections:

  1. PostHog - mission, vision, team, way of working etc. If it was cold outreach, we provide a little more context up front.
  2. Candidate background and mindset.
  3. Talk about the hiring process and check if the candidate has seen our compensation calculator so we know we're roughly aligned.
  4. Answer any open questions.

We are looking for proactivity, directness, good communication skills, an awareness of the impact of the candidate's work, and evidence of iteration or a growth mindset.

Technical Interview

The technical interview round is a 2-part interview, usually up to 90 minutes in total.

The first part is a 30-minute interview with Tim about your previous experiences and what motivates you to come join us.

The second part is an hour-long technical interview with one of our Engineers. This might be architecture design or diving more into past technical experiences in more of a workshop style.

Engineering SuperDay

The final stage of our interview process is the PostHog SuperDay. This is a paid full day of work with us, which we can flexibly arrange around your schedule.

We will share the task with you at the start of the day. The task is representative of the work someone in this role at PostHog is doing, and it is always the same for each candidate, so we can make clear comparisons.

For the Full Stack role, the task involves building a small web service (both backend and frontend) over a full day. The task is designed to be too much work for one person to complete in a day, in order to get a sense of your ability to prioritize.

This gives you the chance to learn how we work, and for us to see your quality and speed of work, as well as the way you communicate. It is a very demanding day of work, but we all want you to succeed!

An Engineering SuperDay usually looks like this (there is a degree of flexibility due to time zone differences):

  • Kick-off session with an Engineer and/or James
  • Time to focus on the task, we can provide support via your personal slack channel (we will communicate your main point of contact via email before the SuperDay)
  • Informal session with a team member
  • On days where we have company-wide meetings, we will invite you along to that and give you a chance to introduce yourself. On days without company wide meetings, we will arrange for you to meet a few members of our team for a casual lunch/coffee break
  • Depending on the time zone, we might arrange a wrap up session at the end of the day

Overall, you should spend at least 80% of your time and energy on the task and less than 20% on meeting people, as we will base our decision on your output of the day. However, we encourage everyone to use the Slack channel as much as needed for any questions or problems.

In line with our values and culture, you might get short replies like "step on toes" or "bias for action".

You can expect to hear back from us within 2 working days of your SuperDay. We will also make the payment for your SuperDay as soon as possible.

If we decide to make you an offer, we will most likely arrange a call to discuss feedback and next steps.

If we don't make an offer, we will give you as much constructive feedback as possible.