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Different by with design

Design at PostHog works differently than most companies. We fundamentally believe that we can differentiate ourselves with design – by thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries. This means we're not structured like a typical design org.

How our customers interact with product analytics (and other tools) has largely remained unchanged since these tools were created over the past couple decades. There's nothing wrong with how they work currently, but people were also very happy with riding horses until cars were widely adopted.

Does that mean we're going to change how everything works? Not necessarily. It just means we have the freedom to try different things and see what sticks.

Our philosophy started with our website

Our first design hire was our graphic designer, Lottie. It's not every day you see a graphic designer in the first 5 hires! This was the result of a belief by our founders that having a bold, yet relatable brand would be a differentiator.

After a year of constant iteration on our website and docs over 2021-2022, we landed in a place where our website is now a reference for many other startups who are looking to do something innovative with their websites.

We're now extending this thinking into our product.


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