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The Marketing team's objective is to increase the number of relevant visitors to posthog.com. Once a visitor lands on our website, the Growth team are then responsible for maximising conversion and activation.

As we aspire to product-led growth, we believe that it is important to treat our Website & Docs as their own product as well, rather than having them be owned by Marketing.


We use a positioning statement based on a template by Geoffrey Moore, which enables us to establish a position relative to the rest of the market. Our positioning statement helps us think about how we can continue to improve and evolve PostHog ahead of alternative tools:

For product managers who need to understand their users, PostHog is the only open-source, all-in-one analytics platform that offers everything from funnel analysis and cohort tracking, to feature flags and session recording.

Unlike traditional tools, PostHog offers self-hosted deployments so that data doesn't need to be shared with anyone -- not even PostHog.

See our messaging framework for more information about positioning and how we bring it to life.

Value propositions

We have used our messaging framework to then articulate a series of value propositions ('value props'). These communicate PostHog's benefits in a clear and specific way to our target user, and help us ensure that we are communicating consistently across all of our different channels. This is particular important for paid ads.


An open source product analytics platform, PostHog addresses the lack of choice and control amongst disconnected analytics solutions by offering a unified platform with control over hosting, pricing, source, data, privacy and security.

  • PostHog Open Source is positioned to service 1-3 users in teams of any size, from hobbyists to enterprise deployments.
  • PostHog Scale is positioned to service collaborative teams or enterprises who need to retain control of their data.
  • PostHog Cloud is positioned to service collaborative teams or enterprises who value simplicity or don't need to retain control of their data.

Target audience

Innovative technical teams building growth products, who care about:

  • a unified product analytics platform
  • open source
  • control: hosting, pricing, source, data, privacy and security

We are in the process of building more specific user personas.

Acquisition channels

We have identified a number of acquisition channels that we are prioritising based on our target user. These are split into scalable and non-scalable channels. Some of these are not owned by Marketing, but are closely linked:

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The Marketing Small Team page is maintained here.