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This page covers more of the operational detail of how our team generally works - for a broader overview of roles and responsibilities, visit the overview page.

Main metrics for each role

  • AE: new and expansion revenue in your segment
  • SDR: number of customer meetings booked in correct segment
  • CSM: revenue retention %
  • RevOps: overall revenue from $20k+ segment

Other metrics we care about:

  • Closed - won % from demo
  • Time to close
  • Lead volume in each segment
  • Weighted pipeline

New AE hire ramp up

  • Day 1
    • Read the whole sales playbook (and updating it throughout as you learn more)
    • Get using PostHog - start making insights and dashboards
    • Assigned your account list of 10-20 customers
  • Week 1
    • Reviewed your account list and prioritized/asked questions about them internally
    • Delivered a standard demo to the PostHog team and got feedback
    • Introduced yourself to your customers
    • Shadowed new inbound demos
  • Week 2
    • Contributed to customer calls with backup from an existing team member
    • Understand how to work PandaDoc, HubSpot, Vitally, Stripe, Metabase (ie. contracts, billing, reporting)
    • Built a plan for which monthly customers to target for annual plans and/or cross-sell
    • Completed 1-1s with anyone relevant at PostHog
  • Month 1
    • Leading customer calls and demos on your own
    • Have evaluations in flight with support from team if needed
    • Had contact with everyone in your book of business in some form
  • Month 2
    • Closed your first Medium annual deal (new or conversion to annual)
    • Leading evaluations on your own
    • Identified some opportunities to add to your book from self-serve signups who aren't paying yet
  • Month 3-4
    • Closed multiple contracts by this point (either new or expansion/renewal) through the whole process
    • Closed at least one Large annual deal (new or conversion to annual)

How commission works

General principles

  • AEs are responsible for selling to qualified leads, getting them properly using the product (ideally annual contract), and continuing to be the main point of contact for retention, expansion and cross-sell. Specifically, AEs should grow accounts either by selling in new products or expanding existing products into new teams. This means they have to nurture customers, not just throw them over the fence to a CS person to deal with.
  • When thinking about commission, we want to particularly incentivize:
    • Closing annual contracts - better retention, de-risks PostHog financially.
    • Cross selling new products - all-in-one is how we will beat the competition.
  • We aim for a 50/50 split between base/commission when calculating OTE by default.

This plan will almost certainly change as we scale up the size and complexity of our sales machine! This is completely normal - we will ensure everyone is always treated fairly, but you need to be comfortable with this. For now we are generally trying to optimize for something straightforward here so it’s easy for PostHog (and you) to calculate commission.


  • Your quota is based on the total ARR of your book of business (new and existing customers) - ie. any revenue counts.
  • This means you can hit quota by a combo of bringing in new business and expanding existing.
  • It also means that you are less likely to totally neglect existing customers because if they churn, it hurts your overall ARR figure.
  • Commission is uncapped and paid out based on:
    • X% of ARR for new annual deals sold
    • X% of ARR for renewed annual deals sold
      • This stops overselling in the first year
      • We’ll adjust your quota to account for the fact that a big chunk of the quota will be met by the renewal itself
    • 0.5X% of ARR for monthly customers
      • Some customers will just self serve or happily stay on month-to-month
      • We want to incentivize conversion to annual contracts but we don’t want you to force people into annual where it doesn’t make sense, hence a smaller % still paid out
    • 0% of ARR on any overages at the end of an annual contract
      • This is because we don’t do overages in our current model
    • Your specific commission % will depend on your OTE and quota size
  • Commission is paid out quarterly, and in any case after an invoice is paid
    • This incentivises securing upfront payment, not just annual contracts with monthly payment every time.
    • We also don't want AEs to throw invoice chasing to a finance person - you should make friends with the finance person on the customer's side too
    • For monthly customers, commission is only paid after the first 2 invoices have been paid (ie. you don't get commission due to a random spike)
    • If we have to give a customer a big refund, we’ll deal with your commission on a case by case basis - in the future we may introduce a more formal clawback
  • In your first 3 months you will not have a set quota but are expected to retain your existing book and have closed at least one Medium deal (either totally new or converting an existing customer to annual) - you'll be paid 100% OTE for this period

Travel to see customers

You are likely to need to travel a lot more than the typical PostHog team member in order to meet customers. Please make sure that you follow our company travel policy and act in PostHog's best interests. We trust you to do the right thing here and won't pre-approve your travel plans, but we do keep track of what people are spending and the Ops team will follow up with you if it looks like you are wasting money here. We are not a giant company that pays for fancy flights, accommodation, and meals so please be sensible.


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