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Pay per tracked event.
Get access to all features.

Starts at $0/mo for your first 1 million monthly events — every month

PostHog Cloud Recommended

Turnkey, hosted solution

Free for 1 million events/mo
then $0.00045/event
Monthly estimatefor 1,000,000 events/mo


Customer data never leaves your infrastructure

Free for 1 million events/mo
then $0.00045/event
Monthly estimatefor 1,000,000 events/mo

Enterprise Cloud or self-host

SSO/SAML, advanced permissions, proactive support, team training, & more

Starts at$450/mo for 1 million events
then $0.00045/event

Estimate your monthly cost with our

What comes in PostHog?

Get access to all features and no plan limits.

    • Product analytics
    • Session recording
    • Feature flags
    • Heatmaps
    • A/B testing
    • Correlation analysis
    • Group analytics
    • Team collaboration
    Data stack
    • Event pipelines
    • Data warehouse
    • SQL access
    • App library
    • Event autocapture
    • API
    • Multiple projects
    • User permissions
    Plan allowances
    • 1 million events included every month!
    • Unlimited tracked users
    • Unlimited teammates
    • Unlimited event tracking

Currently available on Enterprise (Self-Hosted) only

    Enterprise plans offer:
    • Dedicated support (email, Slack)
    • Team training
    • Configuration support
    • SSO/SAML
    Plus, on Enterprise (Self-Hosted):
    • Deployment support
    • Project permissions
    • Configurable backups
    • SLA available

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PostHog Cloud

Turnkey, hosted & managed by PostHog


Deploy to your private cloud or infrastructure

PostHog open source

Our original open source product is available for self-hosting, and ships with product analytics, feature flags, and session recordings.

Browse on GitHub

Limitations: one project, no user permissions, and community support only.

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  • How do I know what my volume is?

    Tim Glaser

    The easiest way is to enable a PostHog Cloud plan. If you go over your usage limit but have not set up billing, it will lock you out but it will count the event volumes. This allows you to get a sense of what your volume is.

  • Can I switch between PostHog Cloud and Self-hosted plans?

    Yakko Majuri

    You can switch from PostHog Cloud to Self-hosted Scale and vice versa - just email our support team ( We will manually transfer your data, free. If you are switching between PostHog Cloud and Self-hosted Open Source then you can transfer events yourself using our plugin -

  • On the Self-hosted Open Source plan, what happens if I exceed 1 million tracked users?

    James Greenhill

    There is no hard limit set. You may likely need some kind of support at this scale.

  • Do I pay anything for stored events?

    Simon Fisher

    No, you only pay the fee per captured event in a given month (i.e. you only pay when each event is first received). There are no additional costs or fees.

  • Does session recording impact costs?

    Rick Marron

    Session recording is currently free to use. This might change in the future.

  • How long do you retain data?

    Tiina Turban

    Data (except recordings, see below) in PostHog Cloud is retained for 7 years - after 1 year, data may be moved into cold storage so queries may run more slowly. For Self-hosted deployments, you can manage this yourself or get support with Self-hosted Scale.

  • How long do you retain recordings?

    Rick Marron

    Recordings are kept on Clickhouse-based installations for 3 weeks. If you are self-hosting, you can change this setting (see Recordings docs). If you are on legacy Postgres recordings are kept indefinitely unless you set a custom retention policy.

  • What happens after the data retention period elapses?

    Marius Andra

    On PostHog Cloud, any event or user data stored for more than the retention period may be permanently deleted from our systems. On the Self-hosted Scale plan, you control your data retention and what happens to your data afterwards.

  • Is there a free trial on paid plans?

    Michael Matloka

    No - instead we offer a contract with no minimum length. In PostHog Scale and PostHog Cloud, the first 1 million events are free, every month.

  • What currency are your prices in?

    James Hawkins

    All prices are in US Dollars (USD), excluding taxes.

  • Do you offer a discount for non-profits?

    Eric Duong

    Yes in most cases - 50% off all pricing for PostHog Cloud. Create your account, then email from the same email address with some basic details on your organization. We will then apply a discount.

  • Are there any minimums or annual commitments?

    Cameron DeLeone

    No! We can, however, offer annual commitments (for example, to maintain pricing) if you need them as part of PostHog Enterprise.

PostHog is the first analytics platform where I can be 100% confident in the data. I've finally got the data insight platform I've always wanted as a Product person.
Jonathan Hyde - Former Head of Product, Legl
Jonathan HydeFormer Head of Product, Legl
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