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We do not currently do email marketing, beyond product announcements via our newsletter, the PostHog Array. This is sent via Mailchimp. In the future, we will probably want to grow this channel. The Growth team use email for onboarding and other email flows, but this page covers marketing only.

Speak to Charles, Yakko, or Charles for more information.


We currently grow our general email list from three sources:

  • Newsletter signups from the website
  • PostHog users who opt-in
  • Event attendees

We send a newsletter after every product release (2-4 weeks) and include a summary of the new version and any recent news or blog posts.

We aim to include at least one new blog post in every newsletter - ideally 2-4 per edition.

Newsletter format

Our current newsletter structure looks roughly as follows:

  • Title/Heading
  • Array's featuredImage used in the blog post for the update
  • List of #New and #Improved features
  • Screenshot of one of the new/improved features - ideally the same image used in the array post
  • List of new blog posts or other news, with blurbs and links
  • Roles we're currently hiring for
  • Social media links

Feel free to use a few emojis and 1-2 images.

For reference, here's an example of a previous newsletter.

Note: Within the Mailchimp dashboard, users are automatically tagged to indicate where they came from e.g. Newsletter Subscribers, Deployed PostHog, Eventbrite, etc.