Open-source sponsorship

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PostHog is an open-source product analytics platform built on top of many other amazing open-source projects. We believe in open-source and the open-core model. However, many open-source projects go underfunded.

We are investing in open-source, not just as a business, but directly via sponsorship in key projects we benefit from every day. We're doing this for three reasons:

  1. We want valuable open-source projects to continue to be maintained and enhanced
  2. We fundamentally rely on some open-source projects, and it's essential they continue to be maintained and enhanced
  3. We believe the PostHog brand will benefit from the sponsorship

In addition to sponsoring key projects, we also provide a $100/month budget for every team member to sponsor projects that have helped them.

Projects we sponsor

This initiative began in September 2021, so it is still in its infancy.

Project we useAuthorWhy does PostHog sponsorSponsored viaAmount/month
rrwebyz-yuPowers our session recording functionalityGitHub Sponsors$100
graphile/workerbenjiePowering scheduled jobs, retries and other logic for the plugin-serverGitHub Sponsors$100
Django REST FrameworkencodePowers the PostHog REST APIsDirectly$400

Request sponsorship

If you know of a project that is fundamentally important to PostHog, add the project to this page via an edit page suggestion/pull request. We'll then assess the proposal. If we decide to sponsor, we'll set up the sponsorship via either Open Collective or GitHub. Finally, we'll merge the pull request.