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We aim to delight

You can build a good company by focusing on getting lots of customers. To build a great company, you must delight your existing customers. This means that the journey doesn't simply end once we sign up a user - even more important is to ensure that PostHog is consistently delivering value for them.

How we ensure amazing customer support at PostHog

It's easy for customers to reach us

We have a few different routes for users to contact us. As an open source company, our bias is towards increasing the bandwidth of communication with our users and making it easy for them to reach us. We do not believe in putting up barriers by saying they can only reach us through a dedicated support email address, for example.

These are the ways in which customers can currently reach us:

  • Community questions - this offers users the best possible experience, as they can search previously answered questions that have been asked anywhere on in our Docs!
  • Dedicated Slack channels - For higher-paying (or potential higher-paying) customers, through a dedicated channel on our main company Slack
  • Support ticket - Customers can create a support ticket (focused around bugs or feedback) directly within the PostHog app (under the help menu).
  • GitHub - sometimes users ask about the progress of certain issues that are important to them

Engineers are Support Heroes

We intentionally have not hired a single person dedicated to customer support. The direct interaction between our engineering team and our users is hugely valuable, and an important part of building trust in our community is the ability for users to talk directly with the people who are actually building the product.

Providing support is a responsibility shared across our engineering teams - we expect everyone to jump in and help a user if you see they have a question or problem (though obviously not at the same time!) Once you have made the initial contact or response, it is your responsibility to see it through or explicitly hand over to someone else if they are better-equipped to help.

One person takes on the Support Hero role each week. This is a rotating responsibility, where the person involved spends a significant chunk of their time responding to support queries across Slack, email and Zendesk, and sharing that feedback with the team and/or building features and fixes in response. We have found that each stint as Support Hero has thrown up a lot of really valuable feedback.

Community forums

The Website & Docs team has rolled our own community forums, which are hosted at – but with a twist...

Learn more about how they work

Tutorial content and workshops

We want to help teams of all sizes learn how to ask the right product analytics questions to grow their product. To help, we create content in the form of tutorials, blog posts, and videos.

We've also created a AARRR Pirate Metrics Worksheet that systematically lays out how to define, implement, and track core product and business metrics (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue) all within PostHog. Anyone can copy this - even if they're not using PostHog (yet)!

Customer support runbook

This is maintained at the Support Hero page.


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