Offboarding employees can be a sensitive time. The aim of this policy is to create transparency around how this process works.

Very infrequently, we may have long term contractors working for PostHog, acting essentially like an individual employee. In this case, the process below is exactly the same. This offboarding policy does not apply to regular contractors who are doing short term work for us.

Communicating departures

PostHog cannot always provide context around why people are leaving when they do.

In the case of voluntary offboarding, we will ask the team member if they wish to share what they're up to next with the team.

In the case of involuntary offboarding, we are unlikely to communicate any reasons to the rest of the company other than the fact the person has left. Whilst transparency is something we value greatly, this information affects individuals' privacy.

Voluntary offboarding

In this case, the employee chooses to leave.

We ask for 1 month of notice by default, and for you to work that notice period. This is so we have some time to find someone to hire and to enable a handover.

Involuntary offboarding

In this case, we require the employee to leave. This is generally for performance reasons or because the company's needs have changed and the role can no-longer be justified.

The process for offboarding

A call needs to take place, covering the following points with the team member:

  1. Final pay
  2. Company property
  3. Business expenses
  4. Personal email to the company

During the call, another team member needs to complete the offboarding checklist.

Final pay

Final pay will be determined based on length of service and the reasons for leaving.

  • If the offboarding is voluntary, you will be paid up until your last day. We will look at the amount of holiday taken in the last 12 months and will pay any "unused" vacation pay assuming you would have taken 25 days (since we offer unlimited vacation periods).
  • If the offboarding is involuntary and for performance or a change in business need reasons, you will receive 1 month of pay if you have worked with us for at least 6 months. Under that, we will provide 2 weeks of pay.
  • If the offboarding is involuntary and for gross misconduct or extreme behavior, you may receive nothing as per your last day.

We are likely to ask departing employees to sign a release of claims in order to receive payments beyond their final day of work.

Please note, if there are local laws, we will pay the greater of the above or the legally required minimum.

Company property

You will be required to return any company property to us. PostHog will cover the cost of shipping this.

Business expenses

We will pay any expenses in line with our policy, that are unpaid.

Personal email to the company

In the case of voluntary offboarding, the team member is offered the chance to send a goodbye email to the company, with relevant contact information as they move on.

Offboarding checklist

Mark the employee has departed in Pulley
Deactive GSuite account for the team member
Cancel team member's company card
Remove team member from PostHog organization in GitHub
Remove team member from the internal company Slack
Remove team member from PostHog Users Slack
Remove team member from 1password
Remove team member from