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People & Ops Team


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SOC 2 compliance

You may think that SOC 2 compliance is boring. And you'd be right. But that didn't stop our Infrastructure and Operations teams collaborating to bring it to PostHog, thereby fulfilling an important requirement for larger teams and organizations.

It also didn't stop our Marketing team creating some celebratory artwork inspited by Boyz 2 Men, either.

Read the thrilling security report


  • Primary Goals: These are goals that have to be done in the quarter:

    • Everyone, especially new people, come away from the offsite having made lots of great connections (Kendal)
    • Stick to our budget and ensure cash burn stays within 5% of forecast (Fraser)
    • Hire people (Coua)
      • Product Engineers for Feature Success, Product Analytics (2x), and Replay
      • Infra Security Engineer
      • Mobile Engineer
      • Distributed Systems Engineer
  • Secondary Goals: We want to do these, but not at the expense of the primary:

    • Hire people (Coua)
      • Platform UX Engineer
      • ~4 additional roles TBC once 12 month hiring plan confirmed
    • SOC II monitoring period goes smoothly so we’re on track for certification in July (Fraser)
    • Have a definitive plan for how we manage s174 (Fraser)
    • Merch ops running smoothly and inventory management is all sorted (Kendal)
    • Run another team survey, augmented with anecdotal data from the offsite to turn into a more rounded action plan (Fraser)



Our people team works across talent, people, operations, and culture. This is what we care about:

  • Setting a very high bar for bringing people on board. We are always looking for the best people in their field, or people on their way to becoming exceptional at their jobs. This is so important to us, it's enshrined in our values.
  • Supporting our team throughout the entire employee lifecycle - from making an offer, to onboarding and progression, time off, and eventually parting ways.
  • We create light-touch initiatives, systems, and processes that allow PostHog to act fast and scale iteratively
  • Building a diverse and inclusive culture with a strong sense of belonging is at the heart of everything we do.

This is the list of who owns what on the team:

People OpsOwner
UK & US payrollKendal
Deel payrollKendal
UK benefits & pensionKendal
US benefits & 401kCoua
Offer lettersCoua
Onboarding & contractsKendal
State registrationsFraser
Managing merchKendal
Compensation reviewsCharles
Grievance & disciplinary processCharles
Termination processFraser
Offboarding processKendal
Pipeline managementCoua
Interview schedulingCoua
Offer decisionsCoua
Referral bonusesCoua
Team celebrationsKendal
Quarterly surveysFraser
DE&I initiativesCharles
Monthly team 1:1sCharles
Life storiesKendal
Manager supportCharles
Accounting - USFraser
Accounting - UKFraser
Financial planning/reviewFraser
Board reportingFraser
Chasing receipts/invoicesKendal
Commercial agreementsFraser
Fundraising agreementsCharles
IP & confidentialityFraser
Privacy & complianceFraser
Share optionsFraser
Equipment managementKendal
Accounts managementFraser
Mail monitoringKendal


Every PostHog team member, as well as current, future and past candidates.

Team 1-1s

On a monthly basis, Charles does 1-1s with:

  • All managers
  • All new joiners for their first 3 months

For everyone else, Charles is happy to chat any time about literally anything you like!

These conversations are confidential by default - Charles doesn’t share their content with anyone else unless explicitly asked to.

Slack channels


Here is a summary of some of the tools we've found most effective for getting the job done. You can read more about why we chose them here. Fraser and/or Charles are top level admins for all of these, should you need access.

People Ops, Recruiting, and Payroll

  • Ashby - our ATS for managing all recruitment (you can find their full documentation here).
  • Gusto - platform for managing all permanent US employees, including contracts, healthcare and payroll.
    • We use Middesk to manage all our state registrations and filings on our behalf.
    • For managing our US 401(k) we use Guideline, which auto-enrolls all new US hires.
  • Deel - platform for managing all team members outside the US and UK (using their EOR service in certain countries).
  • UK contracts are currently done manually in Google Drive, with payroll also being run manually - our accountants load up payments in Revolut for us to approve every month. All templates are stored in the Legal Docs [CONFIDENTIAL] shared Google Drive, in the Team folder.
  • US contracts are also done manually in Google Drive.
  • To avoid emailing PDFs back and forth forever, we use PandaDoc.
  • PTO by Deel - Slack app for booking all types of time off.
  • Deel - used to store all team personal details, documents, and pay. We are in the process of migrating this to Deel HR.

Finance and Banking

Details can be found in company-internal repo here

Everything Else

  • LTSE Equity is where we manage our cap table. Orrick manage this on our behalf.
  • We use Embroker for all of our insurance coverage, including D&O, Cyber Liability, and Travel.
  • We track everything in GitHub from maintaining this handbook to sprint planning. You can find the People & Ops project board here.