There is power in writing things down. We see transparency as part of this.

  • It creates clear and deep thought.
  • It is usually clearer than a conversation, so everyone can row in the same direction.
  • It is very leveraged as we grow a large community and look to hire people around the world.


Everyone should help everyone else raise their game.

  • Fatigue sets in when you complete a task. It's easier for outsiders to help those creating the work to raise their game.
  • We are direct about the quality of work. That doesn't always mean polish:

    • The speed of a task.
    • The validity of a task in helping the company move forward.
    • The impact of a task.


If given a choice, go live. If you can't go live, reduce the task size so you can.

  • We are small, and can only win based on speed and agility.
  • Going live forces a level of completion, on which you can build.