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These Docs explain how to deploy, use, and contribute to PostHog.


We believe the era of third-party product analytics software will eventually come to end.

In our view, third-party analytics does not work anymore in a world of Cookie Laws, GDPR, CCPA, and many other four-letter acronyms. There should be an alternative to sending all of your customers' personal information and usage data to third-parties like Google.

PostHog gives you full control over all the data from your users, while being able to do powerful analytics.

We have seen multiple larger companies who cannot send their data to third-party tracking services for cost or privacy reasons. As a result, they end up with a complex data pipeline into a data lake with an analytics platform on top. Data analysts end up being the only people who understand it.

PostHog solves that. We let every person in the company have easy access to product analytics that they can understand and use independently, even at a massive scale, all without sending data to third-parties.

Getting Started

There are four steps to follow next:

  1. Deployment
  2. Snippet installation
  3. Actions configuration
  4. Optional: user data integration

Note: If you want us to host PostHog for you, are a larger customer, or would like access to premium features, feel free to get in touch with us via email at On top of our main features, we are also able to provide personalized support, user permissions, A/B testing, database integrations, audit logs, among other features.

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