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We offer annual plans to companies who are looking to commit to using PostHog longer term, as well as save some money whilst doing so. If you're interested in learning more then Get in touch with our Sales team.


With an annual plan you'll:

  1. Obtain a bigger discount versus paying monthly based on usage.
  2. Have the ability to use additional PostHog products without signing a new contract.
  3. Be able to align spend with your budget cycle.
  4. Still be able to take advantage of our monthly spend controls.

How it works

  • Our annual plans are credit-based, meaning you get a discount on pre-paid PostHog credit. You can use this credit on any of our current and future products during the contract term (usually 12 months).
  • We'll ask you to sign an order form which captures the credit amount, term, discount percentage and payment terms (Net 30 by default). We use PandaDoc for e-signatures here.
  • The order form will also specify that you can buy additional credit at the same discount level in the first 6 months, meaning that you aren't penalised for underestimating your usage across the term.
  • You can then subscribe to any of our monthly plans and track your credit usage on the billing page
  • We'll also monitor your usage in the first few months and proactively reach out so that you can take advantage of the pre-agreed discount if it looks like you might go over your credit allocation by the end of the contract term.

Getting started

It's easy - Contact Sales and we'll get the ball rolling! We will also need to know:

  • Official company name and address.
  • Contact details for your finance team.


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