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Self-hosted open-source deployment is MIT licensed and provided without a guarantee.
See the disclaimer for more information.

Support for open-source deployments of PostHog

PostHog at production scale is a data-intensive application with a complex system architecture.

Frequently, errors with self-hosted PostHog are due to incorrect configurations or management.

Unfortunately, as a small team, we don't have the bandwidth for troubleshooting instance-specific issues for open-source users of PostHog. However, if you identify an issue with the open-source deployment for PostHog please create a GitHub issue on the repo including the steps to reproduce, open a Pull Request to fix it, or visit the documentation.

The troubleshooting guide and runbooks will likely be useful. If none of the above works, you may want to consider migrating from the self-hosted PostHog to PostHog Cloud (which has a generous free tier).


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Disclaimer for open-source self-hosted PostHog

Self-hosted open-source deployment is made for hobbyists or hosting PostHog in weird and wonderful ways (like in your basement). It's MIT licensed and provided without guarantee. You should be confident in your security knowledge to run it. Everything runs on a single machine, and thus is unlikely to scale past a couple 100ks events without significant effort in scaling. As a small team we can only provide limited support for open-source PostHog . For most companies we'd recommend PostHog…

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