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Note - these instructions are for self-hosted PostHog instances only. If you are using PostHog Cloud or have already configured your instance per these instructions, check out our general Slack Integration Docs

PostHog has built in support for sending Slack notifications via Actions or Subscriptions. For self-hosted PostHog instances, a Slack App is required so that Teams can add PostHog to their Slack workspace via the standard Oauth flows.

General configuration

🚧 In addition to the Slack App configuration it is important that the instance SITE_URL is correctly set. This is used by Slack's Oauth flow to ensure that only your instance uses the Slack App.

Creating a Slack App and configuring PostHog to use it is relatively straightforward thanks to Slack's App Template functionality. Visit the Slack section of your instance's Project Settings https://MY_POSTHOG.DOMAIN/project/settings#slack and follow the pre-templated instructions to setup your instance for Slack.

The creation of a Slack App is only needed once per instance. Once setup, each PostHog project can be linked to one Slack Workspace via a simple Add to Slack button in Project Settings. See the general Slack Integration Docs for more information.


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