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How to watch recordings

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To watch recordings, you can visit the Replay page. When watching replays, you can change the playback speed, as well as select the option 'skip inactivity' - this skips parts of the recording where the user was inactive on the page.

You can also watch recordings by clicking on any data point in an insight. This opens a list of persons and displays a "watch recording" button if available. This is especially useful in funnels, where you can drill down and watch recordings of users who converted or dropped off.

You can also click into the "Recordings" tab for a person to view all their recordings.

How to create a playlist

It's possible to specify a create dynamic playlists of replays that you're interested in. To do so, go to the Playlists tab and click "New playlist". You'll then have the option to apply filters to specify the criteria videos in the playlist should meet, for example:

  • Recording time and duration.
  • Event and action filters.
  • Person and cohort filters. These require capturing person profiles.
  • Console log level filters: Log, warn, and error.

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