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What is the difference between web analytics and product analytics?

Web analytics is a streamlined experience for tracking and monitoring your most important website metrics. Product analytics is a more powerful and flexible experience for tracking your product.

Web analyticsProduct analytics


One, pre-builtUnlimited, customizable

Custom insights


Pageview, pageleaveAny, custom


Limited, pre-definedAny, custom

Built for

Small teams, marketersEngineering, product, data teams

Use case

At-a-glance view of website trafficAnalysis of product usage and user behavior

Web analytics relies on a subset of the events and properties used by product analytics. This means you can use both in tandem.

How much does web analytics cost?

During beta, web analytics is no additional cost on top of product analytics. Events are used between both, and follow product analytics' pricing.

Where is my world map?

All good web analytics dashboards need to include a world map. Ours includes it too. If you can't see it, you need to enable the GeoIP app.

Do stats include bots and crawlers?

No, we automatically block bots and crawlers. You can see exactly which ones we block here.


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