PostHog provides multiple libraries to send events from your app to your PostHog instance.

We have put a significant effort into providing as many of these libraries as possible, in order to make your experience better.

Our goal is for users to be able to integrate PostHog with their language and framework of choosing, without having to adapt their stack.


All of PostHog's libraries support event capturing and user identification.

However, certain features like session recording are only available with our JavaScript library. Refer to the table below for an overview of the functionality in each of our libraries.

We're working to add support for feature flags and autocapture to as many libraries as possible. Please check out the individual library repositories for status on this and let us know if you think we should prioritize support for any specific library.

LibraryTypeMaintainerAutocaptureSession RecordingFeature Flags
JavaScriptClientPostHog Team
NodeJSServerPostHog Team
PythonServerPostHog Team
AndroidClientPostHog Team
iOSClientPostHog Team
FlutterClientPostHog Team
React NativeClientPostHog Team
PHPServerPostHog Team
RubyServerPostHog Team
GolangServerPostHog Team

Library Activity Stats

LibraryStarsOpen IssuesOpen PRsLast Commit Date


IntegrationDescriptionMaintainerSends data to PostHog?Pulls data from PostHog?
SentryA two-way integration to get PostHog user data into Sentry and Sentry exceptions into PostHog.PostHog Team
SegmentIntegration to use PostHog as a destination in Segment.PostHog Team
RudderStackIntegration to use PostHog as a destination in RudderStack.RudderStack Team
SlackPostHog webhooks to receive messages in Slack when an action happens.PostHog Team
Microsoft TeamsPostHog webhooks to receive messages in Microsoft Teams when an action happens.PostHog Team
GatsbyA wrapper over posthog-js provided as a Gatsby plugin.Community
DocusaurusA wrapper over posthog-js provided as a Docusaurus plugin.Community
ZapierUse PostHog triggers in Zapier workflows.PostHog Team
n8nUse PostHog triggers in n8n workflows.n8n Team


Visit our plugins library for more information.

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