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At PostHog, there are always new betas for you to try. Many are available to everyone by default, such as HogQL. Others require you to opt-in to try them out.

You can follow along with the latest betas and updates on our changelog. If you're interested in joining an opt-in beta, head to the feature previews menu in-app.


Opt-in betas are available to all PostHog Cloud users, as PostHog Cloud is automatically updated to run the latest version of PostHog. Betas are not available for Hobby deployments, or sunset K8s deployments.

How to join an opt-in beta

To join an opt-in beta you just need to head to the feature previews menu in-app.

Further reading

You can always check the docs to get the latest information on PostHog features, or post a question in the community to get advice. If you spot a bug or have feedback, please let us know in-app.


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