Recognizing contributions

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At PostHog we aim to recognize all contributions made to our open source codebases. We do this largely via automated processes that ensure our contributors are recognized.

Pull requests

If you submit a Pull Request to a repository under the PostHog organization, a bot will automatically try to send you an email with a merch code. If this fails, the bot will try to let you know in a comment so that you can email Yakko (the bot creator and babysitter) and get your merch code.

If, after a few days of having had your PR merged, you still didn't get a merch code, you can email us at and we'll sort it out!


If you build a plugin for PostHog that is accepted into our official repository, we will list you as a contributor in the categories code and plugin, as well as send you some merch.

Non-PR contributions

We follow the All Contributors spec for recognizing contributions. This means that if you are actively engaged in discussions, open bug reports, or contribute in other ways, a PostHog team member is able to add you to our contributors list for any of the contribution types listed in the link above.

At the moment we only provide merch for code (PR merged) and plugin (plugin accepted into official repo) contributions, however, as a contributor in a category other than those two, we'll still list you on our README and create a contributor card for you on our contributors page.

Contributor cards

All accepted contributors get a digital contributor card from us, which you can find in our contributors page.

Here's an explanation of the contents of that card:

Community MVPs

Every time we do a release, starting with version 1.22.0, we have nominated a 'Community MVP'. This is a contributor that we have chosen to give special recognition to for one or many awesome contributions to PostHog over a given release cycle.

If you ever win one of these awards from us, they will appear as trophies on your contributor card. The number of trophies is equal to the number of times you've been named community MVP.


Your contributor level is determined by how many pull requests you have had merged.

While we have created cards for all past contributors, the we have only started tracking levels from 26/03/2021, which is why your card might say 'lvl 0' even if you had a PR merged before.


'Powers' refer to the types of contributions you've made to PostHog. The types of contributions available can be seen on the All Contributors spec.

Contributions of type code are automatically provided to you for merged pull requests. All other contribution types must be manually requested by a member of the PostHog team.

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