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Note: The Official RudderStack Docs page for the PostHog integration provides a better overview of how to set up this integration.

About RudderStack

RudderStack is an open-source, warehouse-first, customer data platform for developers. It allows you to collect and deliver customer event data to a variety of destinations such as data warehouses and analytics platforms.

RudderStack Dashboard

Can PostHog with RudderStack do everything PostHog does by itself?

The PostHog integration with RudderStack gives you access to everything our JS library can do, with the exception of autocapture. All features for your PostHog instance will be the same, but all RudderStack sends to PostHog are events you manually send. In addition, PostHog isn't able to show you our toolbar.

Setting up the integration

  1. Make sure you have a RudderStack account and a PostHog account, either self-hosted or using PostHog Cloud.

  2. Integrate a RudderStack source for your events

  3. Select PostHog as your destination for the selected source from the step above

  4. Add your PostHog token and host details:

    RudderStack Dashboard

    'Team API Key' refers to your PostHog 'Project API Key' (token), that can be found in 'Project Settings'. Do not use a Personal API Key for this. 'Your Instance' refers to the address of your PostHog instance, which is if you're on PostHog Cloud.

  5. You're all set!

Sending events

To learn how to send events to PostHog with RudderStack, you should check out the official RudderStack Docs for this integration.

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