Data model

Event (posthog_event)

Property Type Description
team_id ForeignKey(Team) Link to the team
event CharField Name of the event.
There are default events that have special meaning within PostHog:
- $pageview captures a pageview
- $autocapture anything that was captured automatically by posthog-js. Includes clicks, changes to input and submissions of forms. Probably requires Elements to be created.
- $identify, which is used in the backend to set Person properties
- $create_alias, which creates an alias between a previous distinct_id and the current one
distinct_id CharField The unique or anonymous id of the user that triggered the event.
NOTE: migration 0024 adds indexes to this, which is necessary for /paths to work reasonably quickly
properties JSONField Any key: value pairs in a dict.
- $current_url - we use this in a couple of places (like /paths, /events) as the url the user was visiting at that time.
timestamp DateTimeField Defaults to if not set
ip GenericIPAddressField IP of the user
elements JSONField Deprecated in favour of the Element model


At the moment, we're storing every element for every event, which means there's quite a lot of duplication. This is something that needs to be optimised.

Property Type Description
event_id ForeignKey(Event) Link to the event
order IntegerField The order within all of the elements attached to that event. Starting from 0, which is the element that was clicked/interacted with
text CharField All the text nodes of the element concatenated (note: that means text in the elements' children aren't included)
tag_name CharField Tag name of the element, lowercase. (a, button etc)
href CharField Href attribute of the link
(eg. <a href=''>, stored as
attr_id CharField ID attribute of the element
(eg. <button id="submit-form">, stored as submit-form)
attr_class ArrayField(CharField) List of strings of classes on the element
(eg. <button className='btn btn-sm'>, stored as ['btn', 'btn-sm'])
nth_child IntegerField Position of the element
(eg. <div><a>First</a><a>Second</a></div>, the second a would have nth_child=2)
nthoftype IntegerField Position of the element of its own type
(eg. <div><strong>First</strong><a>Second</a></div>, the second a would have nthoftype=1)
attributes CharField Any other attribute that wasn't set in the above properties (including data properties)

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