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This document gives an overview of how a deployed PostHog Helm chart works on Kubernetes.

The general architecture looks as follows:

K8s PostHog namespace
K8s Services
K8s Services
Other traffic
Events endpoint
Write path
Read path
Optional Utilization telemetry
Postgres Stateful service
Kafka Stateful Service
Kafka Stateful Service
Redis SS
Service Load Balancer
Service Load Balancer
K8s Services
ClickHouse Cluster (Operator Managed)
Replica 1 Shard 1
Replica 1 Shard 2
Replica 2 Shard 1
Replica 2 Shard 2
K8s ZooKeeper cluster
Plugin Service
Worker Service
Events Service
Web Service
Client Apps
Posthog License Telemetry service

No communication is needed into or out of this namespace other than the ingress controller for app and collecting data.

Note that the specifics of this may vary:

Event ingestion is explained in more depth in our engineering handbook here.