Deploying to Linode


Linode Installation

We have a Linode StackScript available, which deploys and installs PostHog on any Linode running Ubuntu/Debian.

  1. Visit your Linode Dashboard and navigate to StackScripts.
  2. Click Create New StackScript.
  3. You may assign it any label (e.g. PostHog).
  4. Under Target Images you may select any version of Ubuntu or Debian (although we recommend using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS).
  5. Copy the contents of our into Script.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click on your newly created PostHog StackScript and click Deploy New Linode.
  8. Once your Linode is created, you should be able to visit the server address in a web browser and see a working PostHog instance.

Updating your PostHog

  1. Open your Linode dashboard.
  2. Navigate to your PostHog installation and click Launch Console.
  3. Once launched, enter your login information which may be as user: root.
  4. Run the PostHog StackScript in your home ~ directory.

  5. Exit Console and your instance should be updated to the latest PostHog release.