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Trends are a type of Insight, and are a powerful way to visualize how Actions or Events are varying over time.

These are useful for monitoring which parts of your products are being used repeatedly, how usage is changing, and the engagement levels of your users.

Access Trends by clicking 'Insights' in the left hand menu and selecting the 'Trends' tab.

Select the Actions or Events you want to see trends of in the drop down menu on the Trends tab. You can add multiple graph series here and see how these Trends behave over time. These are set to 'Total count' by default, but the second drop down menu lets you select alternatives like 'Unique users'.

Dotted lines show data collected so far but not resolved in the time interval selected.

You can edit Trends further by:

  • Filtering by a further Action or Event (e.g. User Sign up by UTM Source)
  • Renaming your graph series to something more useful
  • Copying your graph series (e.g. to then apply a different filter to it)

In the right hand pane you can:

  • Filter out internal and test users
  • Add a maths formula to your series
  • Break down your aggregate values by further properties - a powerful way to get quick visual insights

Chart views

There are a few different ways to visualize your trend data:

  • Date range: select the appropriate range for your data from a range of options
  • Grouped by: you can group this data by time intervals such as daily, weekly etc.
  • Compare to previous: this will let you compare two of the same type of time period (e.g. this week vs. last week)
  • Chart type: various visualization options, including line chart, bar chart, pie chart and table

At the bottom of the chart, you can view a full table of data which can be sorted in various ways. Different data series can be toggled on and off here as well.

Viewing individual users

You can use trends to then drill down into specific instances of user behavior:

  • Hover over a particular data point on your trend
  • Click anywhere to bring up a list of users in that data point
  • You can click through to that particular user or view a Recording directly from the Trend view

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