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Paths are a type of Insight that let you inspect how traffic is flowing through your application. A path can be comprised of any Action (such as pageviews, button clicks, or a combination of both).

Paths can help you:

  • Understand where traffic is landing into your application or website
  • Understand where traffic is quitting your application
  • Understand which parts of your application people are actually using

Viewing paths

Go to the 'User Paths' tab after visiting 'Insights' in the left-hand menu. Paths appear automatically if you are tracking pageviews with our snippet, or pushing page view events - no need for any set up on your end!


In order to determine patterns between groups of users who may behave similarly, you can filter paths according to your preferred criteria. PostHog has several built-in filters, including OS, Browser, Time, and IP address. Filters are accessed within the main 'User Paths' tab under Insights.

Filters can also be combined in order to define more complex groups, creating statements equivalent to "Show me users that run MacOS and visited my website using Firefox".

Multiple domains

Paths work across subdomains, even with the basic snippet installation. For example, it's common for to be the landing page, then traffic to move into once a user starts interacting with the product. Just set up the root domain as the URL in your tracking settings.

We recommend tracking across everything so you can understand where your most engaged users come from.